Registered Emergency Medical Technician – Basic (EMT-B)

The Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician – Basic level is taught in full through Operation Life Saver. Recognized as a State of Louisiana EMS Instructor, Operation Life Saver provides the full D.O.T curriculum EMT-Basic Course.

Course Requirements:

Must be 18 Years of age to take registry test.

Complete all didactic classroom hours with successful passing score.

Successfully Complete Clinical and Field practical hours. (TBA)

Successfully Pass National Registry Exam


EMT-Basic Refresher Course:

How hours can be accomplished and verified completion of a National Standard state-approved EMT Basic refresher program is required, consisting of a minimum of 24 hours (listed on the below). May be completed through state or BEMS approved continuing education as long as your state does not mandate completion of a formal EMT-Basic refresher course. You may complete up to 10 hours of the refresher course through distributive education provided the program is approved by your state EMS office.

Topics of EMT Basic Refresher and hours required:

Preparatory 1 hour

Trauma 4 hours

Airway 2 hours

OB, Infants, Children 2 hours

Patient Assessment 3 hours

Medical/Behavioral 4 hours

Elective 8 hours